Ultra-Thin Flexible LED Screen P15

Adhesive Ultra-Thin Flexible LED Screen is a new type of display technology, which has the characteristics of high transparency, bright colors, and high brightness. comes with up to 90% transparency and at the same time offers full display properties.At first glance, you do not see any wires between the LED modules. When the LED film is off, the transparency is almost perfect.
* Slim & Soft for Creative Design,Ultra-thin and ultra-light
* Easy Installation & Anti-UV, self-adhesive Film which paste on the glass without frames or other gaps.
* Flexible during installation, the size and layout of the film can be customized to suit different installation areas.
* Sufficient brightness,Excellent color performance

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Product Profile

The ultra thin flexible led screen is an upgraded and innovative design based on the conventional LED transparent screen, which removes the rigid light bar or PCB board, making the screen body thinner, more transparent, and flexible and bendable.
The crystal film screen adopts the LED lamp bead bare crystal ball-planting technology, the lamp board adopts the transparent crystal film film, the surface is etched with a transparent mesh circuit, and the components are pasted on the surface after the vacuum sealing process.
It can be directly attached to the glass curtain wall without damaging the original structure of the building;
When not playing, the screen is invisible, does not affect indoor lighting, and when viewed from a distance, the installation traces of the screen cannot be seen;
The light transmittance of the thin flexible led display is as high as 90%, which can present a bright and bright image effect, making the image of the product more eye-catching, and the super color creates an excellent visual experience for users.
The p15 crystal film led screen are widely used in glass curtain walls, shopping mall advertisements, exhibitions, etc. Display, creative art landscape and other scenes.


LED High transmittance Easy to install AB version

light drive in one,

independent research and
development, high reliability,

mini LED device, industry leading

The transmittance is
more than 90%,
which does not affect
the glass daylighting
without steel structure,
just stick the thin screen
slightly and connect the
power signal
Flexible Light and thin UV resistance Flame retardanyt

for any surface

as thin as 2.5mm, as light as 5kg/ 5~10 years can ensure no yellowing flame retardant grade V1


Module size (mm) 990*390 Peak power 600w/㎡
LED light REE2022 Average power 200w/㎡
Pixel composition R1G1B1 Work environment Temperature -20-55
Pixel spacing (mm) 15*15 Weight 1.3kg
Module pixel 66*26=1716 Thickness 2.5mm
Pixel/㎡ 4356 Drive mode static state
Brightness 2000/4000 Control system Nova/Colorlight
Permeability 94% Typical value of life 100000H
Angle of view ° 160 Grayscale level 16bit
input voltage AC110-240V50/60Hz Refresh rate 3840Hz

Transform your indoor space with our state-of-the-art indoor LED display screens. Our cutting-edge technology brings vibrant visuals to life, creating immersive and captivating experiences for any audience.
Our led display screen for advertising indoor are designed to meet the demands of various applications, from corporate boardrooms and retail showrooms to sports arenas and entertainment venues. With high-resolution displays, brilliant color reproduction, and seamless performance, our indoor led display deliver crystal-clear images and videos, ensuring your message or content stands out.
Customization is at the heart of our indoor led screen solutions. We offer a wide range of screen sizes, shapes, and configurations to suit your unique requirements. Whether you need a large video wall for a trade show or a sleek, curved display for a museum exhibit, we have you covered.
Beyond exceptional visual quality, our indoor led video wall are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, helping you reduce your carbon footprint while lowering operational costs. Plus, they are easy to install, maintain, and integrate into your existing infrastructure.
Experience the future of visual communication and entertainment with our indoor led advertising screens. Elevate your space, engage your audience, and make a lasting impression. Contact us today to explore our range of indoor led screen display solutions tailored to your needs.

thin flexible led display


Ultra Thin Flexible LED display

1)Exhibition: Museum, municipal planning hall, science and Technology Museum, exhibition hall, exhibition, etc.
2)Catering industry: hotel ballroom or passageway and lobby, restaurant's ordering area or important passageway, etc.
3)Leasing industry: main stage of large-scale commercial performance, major events, wedding and birthday celebration, media, etc.
4)Education industry: school laboratory, kindergarten, preschool training, special education, etc.
5)Scenic spots: reception center, recreation center, viewing platform, etc.
6)Municipal projects: Garden Road, square, etc. Monitoring center: command room, control room, etc.
7)Real estate center: Sales Center, prototype room, etc.
8)Financial center: Stock Exchange Center, headquarters of bank, etc.
9)Commercial complex: Main passageway of shopping mall, central square, courtyard, children's playground, etc.

led display screen for advertising indoor are a type of electronic display that uses LEDs to create images. They are often used in places where people gather, such as shopping malls, airports, and train stations.
commercial advertising led display:High resolution: Indoor LED display screens can produce high-resolution images that are sharp and clear.Dynamic content: Indoor LED display screens can be used to display dynamic content, such as videos, animations, and interactive displays Advantages.Scalability: Indoor LED display screens can be scaled to fit any size or shape.
led advertising display applications :Retail: Indoor LED display screens are often used in retail stores to promote products and services.Transportation: Indoor LED display screens are often used in airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs to provide information and entertainment to passengers.Business: led display board for advertising are often used in businesses to promote their products and services.Conclusion: Indoor LED display screens are a versatile and effective way to reach a large audience with advertising.

Lightweight LED Screen

With its slim and sleek design, The Lightweight LED Screen incredibly easy to transport and set up, making it perfect for a wide range of applications including events, trade shows, conferences, and presentations.
Despite its lightweight construction, this Lightweight LED Screen delivers uncompromising image quality with vivid colors and sharp contrasts. Whether you're showcasing videos, images, or presentations, our LED screen ensures that your content stands out with stunning clarity and brilliance.
Thanks to its advanced technology, our Lightweight LED Screen offers seamless integration with various devices and content sources, giving you the flexibility to customize your display experience. Plus, with energy-efficient LED technology, you can enjoy long hours of uninterrupted usage without worrying about excessive power consumption.
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